Test Run hangs after executing few steps without giving any error

Execution test case doesn’t proceed further and it just sits at a random step. I have to stop the test manually and run again.
Does anyone observed this issue ? Any idea why it hangs ? Are there any logs which I can verify ?

Hi - could you please send us more information on the issue - are there any specific steps it hangs on or are they completely random and change each time. Does this happen for every test or one specific test? If so could you provide us with the script and the step at which is hangs.

Any more infomration would be great

I am calling a method more than 60 times in my test. After certain number of calls, the test gets hang after entering into the method and doesn’t proceed further. It could be a memory issue - 7.9GB consumed out of 8GB.

But, the application should throw an error and stop execution instead of just sitting idle.

Perhaps try debug mode in the method and see which step it’s hanging on? Can what the output is in katalon on where it is hanging up?

I see that the Katalon test gets hang whenever there is a change in system time.
My laptop time gets adjusted automatically for every 1hr or 30 mins. Due to this, the Katalon Test gets hang.

This issue is reproducible always. Example: Create a test case with a method and call it recursively. While the test run is in progress, reduce the system time by 1hr and observe that the Katalon test hangs. After correcting the system time, it proceeds but stops after one iteration or so.