TestOps Pricing and Feature Comparisons

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The feature on the visual testing (as explained here ) is very handy and we would like to opt-in to use it company-wide, but it’s only available in Enterprise and… “Starting at $10,000 per year”!!?? Really? Or is there a typo?

I’m disappointed that the test execution limit is so low, even for the paid plan.

I think TestOps is still thinking Waterfall and not Agile. A typical CI/CD process is expected to run the automation after each code build. That is why I automate testing.

A simple execution plan of 5 builds a week for 2 browsers means my automation test suite is limited to only 50 tests or I exceed the TestOps Number of test executions quota.

`2 browsers x 5 builds x 4 weeks x 50 tests = 2000 executions`

Who executes only 50 automated tests at a time?
Is TestOps is thinking 1 or 2 executions for an entire month is all anyone needs?

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Hi Jim, that is a great point. We are still experimenting with our pricing model for TestOps. Are you open for a call to discuss further on this?
Thank you.
Mai Le
Senior Technical Product Manager at Katalon

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Hi mai.le,
I am open to discuss. I often help Liam and Oliver with this type of feedback. They are on the support team.

I mention that in case you want to reach me through that channel instead of the forum.

completely agree, this limit (even for paid version) makes no sense.

FYI - I have learned that the execution limit applies to using the TestOps execution. I use Jenkins and execute on-prem and not in TestOps cloud so my executions are NOT limited.

Executing from TestOps is still too limited but at least it does not impact how I use TestOps. Plus, TestOps execution requires extra cost to fully use the DevOps model. The KS license should not be the locked node version to really benefit from DevOps.

Since we are using locked license and local execution then the tool cost is lower. Amazon, Kobiton and TestOps execution does not sound practical or beneficial - yet.