Test suite update - Allow insert new test case next to the test case currently highlighted

If I need to add new test case to the existing test suite i found inconvenient because the newly added test case always show at the bottom. If I need to slot in somewhere i have to use move up button. Imagine I have 200 test cases and i need to move up to position 30 how many click i need to trigger.

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You can drag/drop test cases from the Tests Explorer to any position in the Test Suite.

You can drag/drop Test Cases inside a Test Suite.

While your suggestion might prove beneficial in some circumstances, I’d prefer the devs work on more important things.

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First, I don’t know Katalon can use drag&drop
Second, it may not benefit to you but in my point of view it does.

you can consider to remove it.

It should stay. It’s a perfectly valid suggestion and would be an improvement. But I don’t see it gaining much traction, that’s all.