Katalon hangs when moving up the Test Suite inside Test Suite Collection which has number of test suites

I have a test suite collection with more than 100 test suites and I added one new test suite to it, which while adding automatically is added in it last row of the collection. When I try to move the test suite up by using “Move Up” button, after pressing button 20 to 25 times to take the test suite up in the collection, the Katalon is hanged completely and test suites collection also shows as image below.

How gigantic! I am impressed. It’s extraordinary.

Anyway, I tried to reproduce your case, but I could not.

I created a new project where I created

  • 120 Profiles (Profile001, Profile002, Profile003, … so on)
  • a single Test Case “hello” which expects a GlobalVariable.name
  • a single Test Suite “TS” which calls “hello”
  • a single Test Suite Collection “TSC” which binds “TS” for 120 times while specifying profiles (Profile001, …)

and I opened the editor pane for “TSC”; selected the bottom line (with the Profile120), and clicked “Move Up” button very fast for 120 times.

Katalon did not hang at all. It worked fine. So, I could not reproduce your problem. I suppose that you missed something that really caused KS to hang.