Allow duplicate Test Cases in Same Test Suite

In the release notes for version 5.8.4 it says:

Allow duplicating test cases in the same test suite


Drag/drop a Test Case to the suite doesn’t work.

Copy/paste an existing Test Case doesn’t work.

The only thing that seems to work is:

  1. Open the Test Case
  2. Switch to Manual view
  3. Click “Add to test suite”
  4. Choose “Add to existing test suite”
  5. Check the relevant suite checkbox
  6. Click OK

I’m so tired after doing all that clicking I think I need a vacation. Is there a better (i.e. easier) way?

Not sure about 5.8.4, but in 5.10.1, you can simply click the “Add” button within the Test Suite and add any test case(s) you want, even if it’s a duplicate.

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Thanks, Brandon. But even that is tedious.

Me want drag/drop!

Sounds like a feature/improvement request is in order :hushed:


The Add button is like “bring up yet another explorer-thing even though I have one open STARING at the TC I want, browse clicky-clicky, clicky-clicky, yawn… what was I looking for? oh… clicky-clicky, clicky-clicky…”



I hear you, lots of dialogs :roll_eyes: