Test Suite Collection

The test case containing button.When I execute the same test case using test suite collection,button not click in multiple browser simultaneously.

Please provide a screenshot of where you are having an issue in the Katalon Studio application…

Executing Test suite collection parallel,the test cases has different starting time.I want the same starting time for all test cases.what to do for that?


So the issue you are having is when you run the Test Suite Collection, the Test Suites each have a different start time?

What is your goal, to have each Test Suite start within the same second?

What is the current variance in your Test Suite starting times?

Test Suite 1 starts at 10:41:01
Test Suite 2 starts at 10:41:02
Test Suite 3 starts at 10:41:03
Test Suite 4 starts at 10:41:04

I want to run test suite collection(Parallel) for 500 users.I tested for 10 users using chrome browser Version 66.0.3359.181. The starting times are:
Test Suite 1 starts at 18:15:30
Test Suite 2 starts at 18:15:30
Test Suite 3 starts at 18:15:31
Test Suite 4 starts at 18:15:32
Test Suite 5 starts at 18:15:36
Test Suite 6 starts at 18:15:38
Test Suite 7 starts at 18:15:47
Test Suite 8 starts at 18:16:00
Test Suite 9 starts at 18:16:10
Test Suite 10 starts at 18:16:18
I want same starting time(18:15:30 for all).

Anyone has solution for that?

The functionality you are requesting is less a feature of an Automated Testing tool and more a feature of a Performance Testing Tool (J-Meter)…

Also, attempting to start all 500 threads simultaneously would be a challenge for a performance testing tool…

Dirty workaround would be to make your first step wait until a time set by yourself until continuing, so that all of the second steps start at the same time, thats what I did