Parallel Execution of multiple test cases within the same test suite.

I have to execute all the test cases within the same test suite simultaneously. Is it possible in Katalon Studio?

i don’t thinks so and you should never design such approach with Katalon
i understand the reason to execute test suites in parallel with this tool.
but running test-cases like such… :thinking:
why would you do that?

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I have to do different actions in a web page. So for each actions, I have written the testcases. And I want them to be executed everyday simultaneously.

provided you have written your testcases mutual independent, the options are:

  • rewrite them in python + pytest and study the available plugins for parallelizations (some limitations apply)
  • take a look at playwright, perhaps will suit better (some limitations apply also)
  • search a lot on google for anything else
  • write your own solution

Good luck with this, Katalon is not what you are looking for.

Have a look at this:

Let me suppose you have 3 Test Cases: TC1, TC2, TC3

You would create 3 Test Suites: TS1, TS2, TC3. TS1 will contain TC1. TC2 will contain TC2. TS3 will contain TC3.

You would reate a Test Suite Collection: TSC, which contains 3 Test Suites: TS1, TS2, TS3. You have an option to execuite the TSC in einther sequential and parallel.

TC1 — TS1 ------ TCS
TC2 — TS2 -----/
TC3 — TS3 ----/

Please try this configuration and report back here how you find it. Is it useful for you?

May I ask you a question?
Why do you want to execute multiple test cases simultaneously?

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