Test Suite Collection Scheduler

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CI tool will do that

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Is this article still valid? I cannot find a way to schedule a test suite

Hi @Ro.Ba

You’d need to download the Test Suite Collection Scheduler in order to use this functionality.

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Thanks @ThanhTo

Can we set a recurring schedule using this scheduler?

Hi @rajani.gangadhara

Currently the plugin doesn’t provide the option for recurrent execution scheduling.

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How do we schedule Test suites while running through CI/CD integration (Circle CI)
Please guide.

Hello Guys !

I am not able to change the profile in test suite collection

If you guys know how to change the profile , please help me in doing the same

You can try using TestOps CI to run your project with Circle CI enviroment Circle CI enviroment and schedule it. Here is the TestOps CI get started docs

I tried to schedule a Test Suite Collection Jenkins, that I set up in Katalon Studio Enterprise it doesn’t run.
It gives error in console that Test suite ‘Test Suites/Collection Name’ not found.
Any specific command to set up Jenkins build that executes Test Suite Collection from Test Suite folder?