Can't find "Test Suite Scheduling View"

I’m trying to set up a scheduled run for a Test Suite. This instructions tell me to create a “Test Suite Collection”. I did that. Then it tells me to go to the “Test Suite Scheduling View”. I cannot find it anywhere. The dropdown for “Execution Information” just has minimal information.

Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

@em817m, “Test Suit Scheduling View” is a plugin from Katalon. You can download and install it here:

I dowloaded “katalon-test_suite-scheduling-1.0.0.jar”, put it into my “Project>Plugins” directory and still nothing.

Did you reload the plugin after installing it? Recommend you watch this video:

Yes I did reload the plugins. I also shut down the application and restarted it multiple times - still nothing. I’m running Katalon Studio 8.4.0 if that helps.

Try upgrade to the 8.4.1 version.

OK, I installed Katalon 8.4.1:


I also installed “Test Suite Collection Scheduler” from the Plugin store:

Additionally added the "katalon-test-suite-scheduling-1.0.0.jar file to the project’s “Plugin” directory, reloaded all the plugins and shut down Katalon & restarted it “just to make sure” everything was loaded.
But still no Test Suite Scheduling View when I pull up “Test Suite Collection”.

Go to check if you reload the plugin correctly by following the screenshots:

Yes, that worked. Thanks.