Scheduling Test suites

Currently I am using Katalon free tool and I want to schedule Katalon Test suites to run on a nightly basis.What are the possible ways this can be achieved.

Kindly help.


Just using Katalon Studio I think it is not possible. You need to use another tool like Jenkins or Bamboo to integrate with Katalon.

Hope it helps.

Can we integrate Katalon free tool with Jenkins? if so is there any steps available in the site or somewhere.

Kindly help.

Hi @saminkit,
If you want to integrate Katalon with Jenkins, you should use the Katalon plugin for Jenkins as instructed here. But most importantly, you must purchase a Katalon Runtime Engine license to run Katalon in CI/CD systems. You can refer to for more details.

Thank you guys,I will try with Jenkins first.
Even for Jenkins should i need Katalon Run time engine?