Test Ops Hosting

Hi All

Katalon Test Ops is hosted in an AWS instance in the USA. This may cause some security concerns for my organisation.

  1. Can we have an AWS instance setup in a different location so that our security requirements can be met?
  2. Can a Local only Test Ops instance be setup.
  3. Can we Turn Test Ops off and use local reporting.
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Hi Ian,

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At the moment, most of our team is currently out of office to observe Vietnam Independence Day and will be back on 2023-09-05T02:00:00Z. Then, I will tag our Support team to your question who may be able to help you.

We apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause.


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@ian.fraser1 i suppose something like this may be suitable, altough i don’t know the details, e.g if such tenant can be deployed in any region of your company choice and the additional costs involved:

So, for now, you may have to wait for an official answer

Can please outline those costs.

I have no idea, you may have to reach out to bussiness support.
@vu.tran @albert.vu any hint who will be the contact point to provide such data?

Yes. Katalon can be used in Standalone mode.
This is not a global setting, your team will have to disable the integration for each and every project, see: