Is it possible to setup Katalon Analytics locally?

Katalon Analytics is the new way of managing automation test results. I’m not sure what is there in your roadmap to expand the functionalities of this platform in future.

The companies like where I am working, does not want to save test reports on external websites, in that case, it is possible to set up the local instance of Katalon Analytics? If Yes, how soon we can get this version?


I was wondering the same thing. It’d be really really great if we could set up local instances of Katalon Analytics, due to privacy concerns from our companies.


Yes, most companies I have worked for would not want to save test reports on external websites. Need to be able to have local instances of Katalon Analytics.

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would love to feature while setting need to have provision to set up local https.

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Its been couple of weeks that Katalon team have released the beta version of Katalon analytics. We have been waiting for final release. When is it planned?


We too looking for same feature. because our client does not want to push result on cloud. instead they want to store locally


+1 for a local instance of Katalon Analytics.


I hope they will give us a reply ASAP :(.

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Hey guys,

Katalon team very much appreciate the feedback and suggestion. Sorry for the delay response.

Katalon Analytics local version is on our 2018 roadmap. I don’t have ETA at the moment. Hopefully, sometimes in the middle of 2018. Stay tuned!
I understand the disappointment. But for now, Katalon Analytics is delivered as the web application.

Feel free to reach out to us if you’d like to add any details information so the development team better understand how this version would help you.

Thank you for using Katalon Studio and Katalon Analytics,


Hi @Liam B, you mentioned above: Katalon Analytics local version is on our 2018 road map. But I do not see it on the road map graphic in the Roadmap and Voting for your features post by Vinh. Is it still planned for 2018. Which quarter?



Hi Katalon Team,
Any updates on Katalon Analytics Local version availability? Please let us know


A big company Im working for is waiting for on premise solution of Catalan Analytics too.


yeah, my company also doesn’t allow test result to be stored in Katalon Analytics server.
Any update on Katalon Analytics Local version availability?

in the mean time, any workaround as to access the test results locally?

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@Liam B

i am also waiting for local version availability of katalon analytics…

any update regarding

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Yeah, My company is looking for the same thing.
I just presented Katalon solution today and they had the same question.

Any ETA on when this might be available?



We are also looking for it. We have just presented the tool in the company and the feeling has been great. But it will be better if we could install Analytics on-premise to complete our testing solution.

When is planned to be avalaible?


We are from one of the top MNC and looking for the on premise version of Analytics. please give an update soon.

Hi Guys!

Same circumstance on my side. I presented KATALON Studio as our primary automation tool, I showed them the analaytics and they loved it other than the fact that it is not setup locally.

Any update on this would be extremely helpful.

Thanks and regards,
Joseph Payuran

Hi everyone. @Hari, @Mitaka_S, @Don_Welsh1, @abhay_dhongde, @Siva3, @sanket_gharat and others.

Can you provide us with more information as to why this would be important to you ? Is it just purely security issue relating to putting data on external websites ? Is this definitely a blocker for your employment of Katalon Studio within your companies ? What other options would you consider ?

Regards !

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Yes, it is extremely important.
We can’t upload our data to external sites due to security and other things like NDA.
Sorry to say this , I already moved away from Katalon due to lack of this feature.

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