Can we access Testops offline ?

Hi Team, I want to ask something about Katalon Testops, May we access the Testops without Internet(offline), is there anything we need to install in our local device/ server ? so we can access it offline. Thank you

what do you mean by offline?
testops it is a cloud resource.
therefore offline does not apply.

not sure if testops have also an on-prem solution.
so next qustion is : do you have an on-prem install?

the second question was just for fun
even if you have an on-prem install, i doubt it is hosted on the same machine used for running tests.

therefore, offline is out of question.

Hi yenn,

Thank you for the questions, might I ask for the use case of offline TestOps for you?

P/S: Thank you Bionel for the input.