Desktop_Application Tutorial Required

So here is my Question and Request to all!

When i create a Test of Notepad, it was working fine, but when i created other testcase of other Destop Application not working, Katalon Just hold that Screen Section and at the Right of the corner it just showed a black Bar at the Top-Left Area.![2019-11-07_10h12_25|689x460]

Hello @sqa.asadra

Katalon Studio fully supports automation tests for desktop apps written in the following platforms: Universal Windows Platform (UWP), Windows Forms (WinForms), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), and Classic Windows (Win32).


Hi @sqa.asadra,

For CCleaner app, we recommend you to start WinAppDriver for remote machine. Please refer to this document:

Thanks All @duyluong & @Jass

Hi @sqa.asadra,

You need to run katalon as Administrator it will resolve your problem