Test Execution of large number of tests from Katalon GUI mode is not executing successfully

The test cases are added in katalon to test filling of web applications for testing the pages
In single test case, different data is filled and it is picked from excel sheet during the execution.
Test execution is set for 1000 times. But the execution runs for upto 300 times and then the web browser does not pop up or display and appears to have hung/crashed
The katalon execution engine will still be running.
This issue needs to be resolved as the tool is being considered for running with different test data for a large number of tests

I’m guessing but I think you have a memory issue.

Have you checked (on) “Terminate drivers after each Test Case” setting?

Project/Settings/Execution/Default/Terminate drivers…

Yeah we have enabled it in the settings, however there seems to be some memory issue and the tool studio hangs