Parallel execution in katalon

I am using Katalon studio from last month.
Functionally it does great job but when it comes to parallel execution then I am stuck at one point.
When I run 3 suites (with same set of test cases) then it runs in parallel with out any issue but as soon as the parallel suite thread count increases to 10 or even 5 in this case katalon start behaving strange.
some parellel suites gets completed as expected and some gets failed and katalon hangs for some time.

Can any one tell me the solution as katalon is providing clear option to run huge number of parallel suites (around 1000) then why it is not executing at 10 or 5 ?

My machine config are good 3 ghz CPU, 4GB RAM.
Please help me

I have similar problems. When a third suite kicks off, all the tests start failing due to “Browser not opened” errors. This is probably an issue with the driver (geckodriver, in my case).

I wouldn’t call 4GB RAM “good”. Are you sure that’s correct?

hehe :rofl::rofl::rofl: 32GB RAM no less

Ok …I will upgrade my RAM and re execute the Suite collection. :slight_smile: thanks for info.