Adding and running the>100 and 500+ Test case

Hi Team,

We are facing issues while adding and executing the 500+ test case in Katalon studio, a when start adding the Test case in test suite collection is getting stuck , even while executing the 500 tc Katalon IDE will get hanged.

We have made the project execution settings (checked the checkbox terminate TC and TS), PFA.

Please help us in resolving this issue.

Thanks in advance


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does it only happen when you add 500+ tcs? How about fewer tcs?Also, after each testcase are you reinitiating the driver?

It will get stuck after adding some 150+ TCs. Adding 10 or more TCs are fine …
We Tested this in two different system and facing the same problem.

I am executing the hello world program. Please find the screenshot.


testsuite collection.PNG


can you check the memory and cpu utilization of katalon.exe process when you it is almost crashing