Can't delete a testcase


I don’t understand what’s going on. I tried to rename a folder name called ABC to ABCs, it didn’t work. So I decided to just create a new folder ABCs and delete the ABC, I was able to create the new folder but not delete the older one called ABC. Now when I go to windows folder system and look under the Scripts and the Test Cases folder I can see the new folder ABCs and the script “ScriptLogin”. Both Test Cases and Scripts do not show deleted ABC folder. But when I go to Project Explorer, i can only see the ABC folder and not the ABCs folder. I can’t delete the ABC from Project Explorer either.

I’ve tried refreshing from the Project menu, I have cleaned the project. I’ve deleted the bin, lib, .project and .classpath folders, restarted the Katalon, but still seeing the same issue.
Please please help.

Test Cases


In the first line, you wrote:

What happened then?

Did you check if the folder ABC is there in the Test Cases folder and Scripts folder?
Did you check if the folder ABCs is there in the Test Cases folder and Scripts folder?
Did you check the <Katalon Studio folder>\config\.metadata\.log file?

I am afraid that it is not worth tracing all the mess after the 1st error (failure renaming a folder).

I seem to remember that very old version of Katalon Studio (5.x) had some bugs about “renaming folders”. The Dev team worked out to fix the bugs. But I guess there could remain some edge cases where renaming folders fail and cause problems.

I tried to reproduce your 1st error. On my PC, in a project, I created a Test Case ABC with a script, then tried to rename it to ABCs. It succeeded. I could successfully rename the folder ABC to ABCs. I was unable to reproduce your problem.

If you could find out how to reproduce your 1st error, then I suppose Katalon team would be willing to address it.