Test Case Manual Viewer, cannot add 2 different test object, when the custom keyword need 2 or more test object

I have created this custom keyword to Switch to 2 different frame at once. But the problem is, In Test Case Manual view, I cannot add 2 frame object, so I can only add 1, and the other test object I need to add in the Script Mode.

Here is the code:
def switch2Frame(TestObject to, TestObject to2){
    WebDriver driver = DriverFactory.getWebDriver()
    String frame1 = to.findPropertyValue('name').toString().replaceAll("\\s+","")

    String frame2 = to2.findPropertyValue('name').toString().replaceAll("\\s+","")


Test Case Manual View

Test Case Script View

Thank you for your feature request

I think the best way to use the customKeywords is still open the scripts view. You can try define method in static scope so you can call the method directly from the classes for a neat view.

Hello there

Our team would like to know more about your need for this support. We wonder why you want to use custom keywords in manual view since it’s definitely better if you use them in script view.



Hi Jass,

Yes, I also think that it’s better to use script view. But the reason that I created this keyword is because

  1. The application needs it, and
  2. I’m not the one that will be using this keyword. I created this keyword for my colleague, who has 0 experience in coding, and always depends on the manual view.

But I’m open to any suggestion, so feel free to give me any information that you have.