New added custom keyword can't be displayed in test case manual view

Added one new keyword as below and saved.
Go to test case manual view and try to add newly created custom keyword.
But the keyword is not shown as below.
Workaround is refresh whole project. Is this current known issue? Can we fix it in future release?

Just edit (In Script mode enter a empty line for example) and save the file you want to add the keyword to, than you can add it there. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your solution, but it is not working for me. Anyway, I can use it in script mode

@aahuichao0811 what version are you using? as with 6.3.2 this refresh problem was gone for a college :slight_smile: it is 6.3.3, let me replay the issue.
1.Create one new keyword “Actions” along with keys(), the keys() can be displayed in manual view.
2.Add keys() into existing keyword “Actions”, the keys() can’t be displayed in manual view.
public class Actions {
def void keys(){

Yes and that is / should be working :slight_smile: