Allow 'manual'-editor for keywords

i’d like to implement keywords the same way test cases can be done in the ‘manual’-view.
I dont get why its possible to have to ways of implementing a test case, but not for keywords.

Simple example is the login to our application. This is something i want to use in the setup of our test cases.

My actual workaround would be to create a test case folder with the name ‘keywords’ oder ‘library’ and to implement here alle needed parts.
First i feel uncomfortable with it, because its a second place where i build up library.
Second, because i have to use ‘Call test case’. Which is not really what i’m doing here. This are not fully implemented test cases, just possible parts of it.

Another workaround would be to first create a temporarily test case, to do the manual implementation. And then copying the code from the script view to the keyword (with changing inside the test case from ‘call test case’ to the specific keyword). And for updates/fixes of that code by the ‘manual’ view i should always copy it back to temporarily test case?
Doesn’t satisfy me.

Kind regards

Manual View:


Script View: