Test Case failure


I am evaluating Automation testing tool for my outsystem application .
I have automated basic scenario using Katalon studio with help of web recording .

But test case results is not consistent. Some times getting succes and sometimes getting failure.

1.Object ID is not able to find error (Even though ID’s are same loaded properly)

Katalon supports IFrame ?

Please help to proceed further. We need experts help here to conclude our evaluation results.

hello, yes, Katalon supports iframe check settings of object in OR (object repository)

However, this statement

usually means your test is quicker to perform actions than page load (object does not exist in time script tries to interact with it)
add some of waitForElementXXX() functions so script will wait for page to be loaded properly.

Do i need to add WaitforElement for each steps of WebUI controls or global settings to wait option ? .

it depends on your application:

  • if parts are generated based on previous inputs - yes, put waitFor…() before interaction with generated part
  • if page is loaded only once, i usually put only one waitFor…() for the element that should be rendered and activated last (usually something on page footer)