Submitted pull request for Slack plugin to include report files, no response after 4 mo

I submitted a pull request for the Slack plugin back in December 2019 that would support sending configured report files to the slack channel (making the plugin a lot more useful imho), but no one has responded to my pull request. It would be nice to get a response eventually on the pull request.

@duyluong and @devalex88 do you think you guys can take a look at this pull request? I submitted it back in December and haven’t heard anything. Thanks.

  • Jeanie

or if I should submit my branch as a separate plugin for the store, that’s ok too… basically, I cannot use my plugin currently on azure devops pipeline bc it is not installed from the store, so I need to fix that somehow…


You can build your own plugin and put it to the Plugins/platform folder if you have KSE or KRE license.

We saw your pull request. The main purpose is sending report files: html, csv, pdf to slack channels. We will evaluate your PR later but the UI should need some changes to persist with Katalon Studio UI style.

ok - thanks! I wasn’t even sure if someone noticed it bc I didn’t get any response. Thanks, I got my plugin working now on Azure, I didn’t know it had to be in the Platform folder for it to auto-install.

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