Katalon integration with slack for repoting

I want to get complete html reports after the suite execution in the Slack app in a Slack channel.
is this possible for now, does anyone have an idea?

I integrated it but I am getting only a summary of the execution.

Pls, help.



Is this similar to Katalon Email Integration for Repoting?

Hi @merahul220,

I took a look at our documentation for the Slack integration for Katalon Studio and it seems that at the moment it only support for basic reporting such as your screenshot.

You could install the plugin below which has support for generating reports in HTML format (although it will not “publish” said HTML report to Slack).

If generating an HTML report within Slack is a feature that you and/or your team really need then I suggest you to create a topic within our Feedback & Review category, so that our product team are notified of the feature you’d like to implement and consider whether or not to implement them within our next release. Thanks! :+1: