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How can i send execution report to Slack with this plugin?
I just connected it.

Thanks for this plugin. We have to add one more step in Slack scopes.
When just giving access to chat:write:bot and chat:write:user it was giving error in event log that channels:read scope also required. After adding that and re-install app connection was successful.
{“ok”:true,“channel”:“C9HFGFWMS”,“ts”:“1550837659.000200”,“message”:{“type”:“message”,“subtype”:“bot_message”,“text”:“This is a test message from Katalon Studio using Slack Plugin”,“ts”:“1550837659.000200”,“username”:“Katalon Executions”,“bot_id”:“BGAUDM94P”,“attachments”:[]}}
Please verify and update overview steps as needed.

Thank @Aliasger_Kiranawala for this details explained post. We will update to the document soon.

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Any thing for Katalon Studio :grinning:


The execution report will automatically send to your channel after each test suite execution completes.

When using Katalon, we usually execute via using the command line automatically with Jenkins.
We have settings which automatically send out emails and reports to Katalon Analytics as well.
However for some reason, this plugin only sends to our Slack channel when using the GUI to execute the test cases, not when running console.

Can this work work when using katalon.exe in console mode? Is this a feature enhancement ?

Hi @japerez,
If you run your test suite in console mode and you want Katalon to send a summary report to Slack, you need to add one more parameter -apiKey into your command as well.
To get an API Key, you can access to the store (, login with your account then navigate to Setting page (Katalon Store - Explore Plugins for Katalon Studio) to add a new apiKey.

Below is an example about using API Key in your command (I used MAC):
./Katalon\ --args -runMode=console -projectPath=“/Users/Shared/Jenkins/Home/workspace/QA-katalon/katalon-first-try.prj” -reportFolder=“Reports” -reportFileName=“report” -retry=0 -testSuitePath=“Test Suites/Employees” -browserType=“Chrome” -apiKey=“de544cef-a56b-4eb5-a051-391bc0537b59”

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Thank you, this solved the issue and it’s successfully reporting to the public channel.

I installed the plugin, but when I go to Project > Settings > Plugins, I don’t see anything.

For this function, I have been research ONE day, now you save me, thank you so much!

Thank you so much! In my case I don’t need the quotation marks for the apiKey. It was in Katalon Plugins Command Arguments in Jenkins running on linux.

Thank you for the plugin!
Can the report message be customized somehow? E.g. add link to execution in katalon analytics, add gitlab commit, that triggered execution, etc… Thanks

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Can i change the message template from Katalon to Slack?
I want to add a sentence there, Can i?

Hello everyone,

Katalon Studio’s Slack Integration plugin is open-sourced, hence you’re free to modify the plugin to suit your needs.

Here is the source code.

Happy Testing