Studio 9.0.0.alpha1 is now available with the support of Built-in Smart Wait Function using Selenium 4!

Hello Everyone!

It’s our pleasure to announce the built-in Smart Wait feature is now available in version 9.0.0.alpha1.

Download this version from our GitHub Repo and give it a try! For detailed instructions, please refer to our official document [WebUI] Smart Wait Function .

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


Just noting that we’ve posted a sample Studio project that exercises some of the Selenium 4 features, including:

  • Relative locators
  • Shadow DOM access
  • Tab management
  • Chrome DevTools Protocol (CDP) examples:
    • Network interception
    • Console log capture
    • Performance metric capture

Would love feedback on other things you’d like to see. We will also be updating this sample as we continue developing our Selenium 4 features.

You can find the GitHub repo here:


This link is broken.

Studio 9.0.0 — it seems to be withdrawn, is it?

We are sorry for the mistake. We’ve already updated the link. You can download the link from: Release v9.0.0.alpha · katalon-studio/katalon-studio · GitHub

Thanks for your report.


Not sure if anyone else experienced this issue, but I installed this version to test the selenium 4 features and failed to even open a browser.

This was one of the console errors:

As far as I see, in this forum, no users have reported something about this ALPHA version.

I think that the message from slf4j is just a warning. I am sure that the SLF4J message does not concerns about your issue (failed to open a browser)

The following post also discusses about Selenium 4 features support in Katalon Studio.


Which part of “Selenium 4” features are you interested in?

I personally am interested in the “Chrome Devtools Protocol” support in Selenim4. I wanted to do a Web UI test using browsers and at the same time I wanted to save the payload of HTTP requests and responses into a file. I expected CDP support in Katalon Studio would enable me to do it. So I checked the v8.2.1-alpha. I found v8.2.1-alpha was short for the CDP support.

Later I tried to develop an alternative to CDP. The following post describes what I have done.

By utilizing BrowserMob Proxy in Katalon Studio, I could fulfill my requirement to save the HTTP messages between a browser and HTTP servers into a file. Now I am no longer interested in Selenium 4 features support in Katalon Studio.

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Yeah, just not sure what went wrong with my instance of the 9.0.0.alpha download I suppose and didn’t bother to download it again and retry. That’s the only thing the console was giving me because the test case wouldn’t start to produce any more logs. But I did manage to get it working in 8.2.1 alpha. I added a jar to make it work. So that’s all I really needed to take a look at this sample project.

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