Studio 9.0.0.alpha1 is now available with the support of Built-in Smart Wait Function using Selenium 4!

Hello Everyone!

It’s our pleasure to announce the built-in Smart Wait feature is now available in version 9.0.0.alpha1.

Download this version from our GitHub Repo and give it a try! For detailed instructions, please refer to our official document [WebUI] Smart Wait Function .

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


Just noting that we’ve posted a sample Studio project that exercises some of the Selenium 4 features, including:

  • Relative locators
  • Shadow DOM access
  • Tab management
  • Chrome DevTools Protocol (CDP) examples:
    • Network interception
    • Console log capture
    • Performance metric capture

Would love feedback on other things you’d like to see. We will also be updating this sample as we continue developing our Selenium 4 features.

You can find the GitHub repo here:


This link is broken.

Studio 9.0.0 — it seems to be withdrawn, is it?

We are sorry for the mistake. We’ve already updated the link. You can download the link from: Release v9.0.0.alpha · katalon-studio/katalon-studio · GitHub

Thanks for your report.