Help to capture chrome logs

I need help to capture what the microservices that are seen in the google chrome developer console respond, the truth is I’ve seen a lot of solutions here in the forum, but I can’t understand


Can you please share the solutions you find and not understand so that others can help explain if possible?

Im using this forums:

I believe I have written a good enough explanation:

I can’t make it better.

Your problem is a difficult one to solve, which deserves seasoned skill of programming. Katalon doesn’t provide any easier out-of-box solution.

I am afraid that it would be very difficult to write clean codes in Katalon Studio that process Console logs. Katalon’s scripting is not event-driven. There is a fundametal mismatch in the programming model. I think, Katalon does not fit to processing Console logs. You shouldn’t use it.

If you seriously want to process Chrome console.log, and if you are willing to invest your time and effort for learning programming, I would recommend Playright. See the following document of Playright to find how you can process Chrome console.log in Playright.

Playright supports the Chrome DevTools Protocol natively. You would write your test scripts in JavaScript or Typescript in the event-driven fashion with the async and await keywords. In long term (a few years of learning for you, possibly) you would find it far easier, than coding for Chrome console logs in Katalon Studio.

Thank you very much for the answer, really the problem in the end I have in the following line:

In fact it performs the installation of the plugin

Here you can find the source of the missing class.

Just copy the source into the Keywords directory of your project.

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You are without a doubt the best!!! I have no words to thank you

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I reviewed my previous project and found it does NOT work with the current version of Chrome any longer.

My previous project used Chrome DevTools Protocol Integration plugin, Katalon Store and it failed with Chrome v113. Katalon Store should announce that this plugin no longer works. → @Elly_Tran

See the following.

I am not able to fix this issue because the base layer (com.github.kklisura.cdt) seems not catching up the recent changes in Chrome browser.

So, @juan.ruio, please do not use this sample code.

I wrote a Typescript code in VSCode that listens the console logs of browsers using the Playwright API. It worked fine. No hustle. You can see what I’ve done here.

Notice that precisely this error happened to me with the websocket, but I added the following in the project settings and it worked wonderfully:

What is “remote-allow-origin=*” ?

I wondered what “remote-allow-origin=*” is, so looked for more info.


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Are you asking, or just promoting your solutions?

sure this is comment from me