Is it possible to upgrade Selenium to Selenium 4?

Hi guys,
I found, that Katalon Studio uses selenium version 3.141.59, which is actually latest stable version, but there is already Selenium 4 release candidate, which has some new features I would like to use. So my question is, will you upgrade Selenium to version 4 as soon as it’s released?
If I wanted to use it right now, is it possible to upgrade Selenium manually?

Hi @peter.hevesi,

We know that Selenium 4 is in release candidate state. Honestly, we don’t know exactly the day Selenium 4 will release but the upgrade in Katalon Studio is our first prioritization in the near future plan. We are just waiting for Appium java-client to support Selenium 4 to finish our PoC package.

For now, you cannot use Selenium 4 in the latest version of Katalon Studio because some Selenium 3 APIs which is used in KS, will be replaced in Selenium 4.

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Thanks you for your response, I will then wait for it :slight_smile: