Is it possible to upgrade Selenium to Selenium 4?

Hi guys,
I found, that Katalon Studio uses selenium version 3.141.59, which is actually latest stable version, but there is already Selenium 4 release candidate, which has some new features I would like to use. So my question is, will you upgrade Selenium to version 4 as soon as it’s released?
If I wanted to use it right now, is it possible to upgrade Selenium manually?

Hi @peter.hevesi,

We know that Selenium 4 is in release candidate state. Honestly, we don’t know exactly the day Selenium 4 will release but the upgrade in Katalon Studio is our first prioritization in the near future plan. We are just waiting for Appium java-client to support Selenium 4 to finish our PoC package.

For now, you cannot use Selenium 4 in the latest version of Katalon Studio because some Selenium 3 APIs which is used in KS, will be replaced in Selenium 4.

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Thanks you for your response, I will then wait for it :slight_smile:

Hey @peter.hevesi

I’m glad to let you know Katalon Studio version 8.2.1.alpha upgrading to Selenium version 4.1.0 and Appium Java Client version 8.0.0-beta is now available.

Download it from our GitHub Repo. You can refer to our blog for the top features of Selenium 4 .

Happy Testing


Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

It’s nice to see, you upgraded Selenium to Selenium 4, but now, I don’t think Selenium is good anymore.

I think you should try to use Playwright inside Katalon Studio, if you won’t to survive next decade.
Because once, more people will start to understand, that Playwright is soooo much superior to Selenium, they will go away from all Testing Tools which uses Selenium :smiley: So they will leave Katalon Studio as well !!! Just like myself, I stopped to use Katalon Studio and I am using Playwright for .NET using C# inside Visual Studio 2022 and it is soooo muuuuch better testing experience for me, then using Katalon Studio. So I just warn you :smiley:

Glad to hear you’re enjoying Playwright. We think Selenium still has a future—particularly with the enhancements in Selenium 4. We are keeping our eyes on Playwright, though.

I’m curious whether you already used C# in your team, or have you picked that specifically for Playwright. I’m curious because JavaScript seems to be the most popular Playwright language binding. We’ve experimented with the Java binding within Studio (since it matches our runtime better).

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JS and Typescript are preferred with Playwright just because Playwright it is written in Typescript.
So it will make more sense if you start to use it ‘from scratch’.
But you can use it with whatever language you feel more comfortable (python with or without pytest, java, C#)
However, using it with JS or Typescript, you may have more features (e.g. various reporters) which are not available for other bindings so before to decide, you may want to take a look at all API’s and check what is available and what not.