SQL Server connection with Windows Auth

I followed this document to download and place sql driver in “KatalonStudioDirectory\jre\bin”
However I am not able to establish the connection from Katalon as shown below:

here is how I connect to the DB:

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@kazurayam @duyluong Appreciate any help here

Have you downloaded and copy file: sqljdbc_auth.dll to Katalon/jre/bin folder yet?
Link to download the dll file: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=2122616

Hello. I stated that in the beginning of my post …below is screenshot. do I have to import anything in the project?
it is still showing the same failure

@duyluong do I have to register the dll in order to fix the “driver is not configured for integrated authentication” ?
How this will work from docker/bamboo

Found the solution:
keep sqljdbc_auth.dll in your windows/system32 folder and it will work.Download sqljdbc driver from this [link]Unzip it and you will find sqljdbc_auth.dll .Now keep the sqljdbc_auth.dll inside system32 folder and connect to the DB

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