Connect to SQL using Windows Authentication

I am not able to connect to SQL DB using windows authentication. Getting connection failed. Another thread says some dll need to be added to the bin folder. But, there is no link to dll files.

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  1. goto:
  2. Download the JDBC file and extract to your preferred location
  3. open the auth folder matching your OS x64 or x86
  4. copy sqljdbc_auth.dll file
  5. paste in: **KatalonStudioDirectory**\jre\bin

This is great, but is it possible to copy this DLL programmatically at runtime when using the KRE? I have the DLL in my project’s Drivers folder (which I thought would solve this issue, but it doesn’t). Can I write code at the top of my test case to copy it to wherever the jre/bin folder is? Is there a global variable that tells me where the katalonc.exe path for example, that I could use to create the bin path from?
If I hard code the location (C:\Users\xxx.katalon\8.0.1\Katalon_Studio_Engine_Windows_64-8.0.1\jre\bin) it’s going to break when the Katalon version number changes.