JDBC Driver not configured for Integrated Authentication error

Hi Everyone,
I have been researching on this issue to be able to integrate SQL server with Katalon studio for a few days and i tried everything i found over the forum and other sites. None of the methods have been successful. I downloaded all the appropriate files that needed to be downloaded and placed them in appropriate folders. I tried to reach out to customer care but no luck. Could anyone help me get through this issue? i’m attaching the error screenshots.

Hi @jishan.alam237,

Please try the solution at this post:

Hi @duyluong
I’m having trouble connecting from a VM (I’m using 7.5.2 KSE). Same error message as post above.
I have followed instructions to download the 64 bit DLL to jre/bin (mssql-jdbc_auth-9.2.1.x64.dll).
Have also tried copying mssql-jdbc-9.2.1.jre8 to same folder. No luck.

Oddly though, my other Katalon install (7.5.2 KSE on laptop) works fine and I don’t have any mssql DLL files installed…? I do however have Java SDK installed and mssql DLLs installed in that Java folder.
Unsure what I need to try next for VM - perhaps firewall settings?