Spy Web, Issue when Saving objects

I have found a minor issue when the user after capturing objects with Spy web when the user want to save only the selected items and not the other. After clicking on the Save button he save all items present in the captured objets list.

  • starting Object Spy
  • click on Start (Chrome browser)
  • capture objects
  • click on the Save button (Add element to Object Repository displayed)
  • select the destination folder
  • un-select a few object (1 2 doesn’t matter)
  • click on OK

*Notice in the repository we have the full list of objects present, even those we have un-selected before clicking on OK

I tried this. In the repository the un-selected objects didn’t get added.But they were present in the spy window. So to delete them from there you have to exclusively delete them using the delete option from the spy window.

Kavya Ankem