Spy Web not picking up elements it already has done in the past

I’m using version 8.6.8 and Chrome browser is fully up to date.

When using Spy Web to capture elements of a pop-up panel its not giving me the red box when hovering over the elements, even though I’ve captured these elements previously and use them in other tests with no issue. I hover over the element > right click > Capture Element and nothing is added to the Captured Objects field.

I’ve had no issues with this before and when I use ‘Record Web’ and go to the same pop-up panel it finds the elements with no issue, its really strange.

Before I press the button to load the pop up panel all the elements on the page behind can be captured with no problem.

Anyone got any ideas?


As you mentioned, Previously it was working on same KS version or Older one.

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Definitely an older version, 8.6.5 maybe yes


You Just go to object and need to click Alt + ` then your object will show

Try clicking on the browser - ie find an area of white space and just click on it to make sure it’s definitely in focus. Or try another browser and if that’s successful, updating a driver might help? I’m on v 8.6.5 though, Failing that, turn it off and on again!

I’ve gone back to version 8.4.1 and its working now but obviously want it to work on the latest version. Can I raise this anywhere?

i am using Latest KS version and not facing any issues as mentioned by you

Spy web is just for Beginners it won’t be robust, reliable, and stable in the long run.

please try to do Object spying manually in your browser’s Inspect Window.

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you gone back to version 8.4.1 and working as expected.
if your are a paid user then can create a ticket for your issues with latest version.

Als another issue that was added…if two objects has “almost” similar attributes - i.e - data-enabled: true or false, the spy overrides those 2 elements and only saves ONE when it is saved to obj repo

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I will shed precisely 10^100 x 0 tears when Katalon kills off Spy.

Katalon always kills off Spy in active browser if you’re not using it for too long. When it creates an instance of it’s own, it always stays active. The downside of that is nothing is cached so you gotta login to the web-app and enter all the data since nothing is saved.

Sometimes even when it’s active, it doesn’t capture it…like it needs to be done several times until it wakes up. (this is what the OP is reporting). i mean this doesn’t bother me…it’s whatever. not worth creating a ticket for… but maybe not killing off Spy after 2 min of idle makes more sense.

That’s not what I meant. “Kill off” means, rip out its liver and enjoy it with nice Chianti…


for this situation you need to try to use other available method in katalon