Getting all objects from a page using object spy

Hi, Can the object spy get all the objects in 1 go from selecting a page or do you have to do the 1 by 1.

Hi @dstride1980

No you cannot get all objects in one go (technically you can, but there’s no built-in one click away function to do this). I don’t think this makes much sense. There are far more web elements on a web page than those that are visible to your eyes. Most of them are irrelevant to testing purposes, and therefore capturing them will only confuse the tester.

If you want to retrieve web elements satisfying certain properties, XPath language serves that purpose pretty well. We do support using Selenium in our script mode and Selenium has API for you to retrieve elements by XPath. An alternative is using Katalon-native helper class WebUiBuiltInKeywords. which has method findWebElement.

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Thank you, I also have a issue where the spy web cant see some objects in my dynamics 365 crm webpage but when you record them it can capture the objects.

Hi @dstride1980

I saw your comment in this post. Can you provide us with more details (like what elements on what web page does the spy fail to capture but the recorder succeeds ?)

The spy doesn’t even highlight them to capture them, the record highlights them and captures them. Screenshot below is using the spy web, its the parts in the box so UKPRN, Provider name etc…!

The screenshot below is recording it, you can see it highlighting it:

The screenshots below are off the object captured (UKPRN) from the record function:

I also have this issue , and try many methods to resolve it, but fails.:sob: