Spy Web browser window closes after JS Alert (post 5.5.0 upgrade)

After upgrading from 5.4.2 to 5.5.0, Spy Web browser window closes automatically when it encounters a JS alert.

OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Katalon Studio Version: 5.5.0

## Environment (for Web testing)

Chrome Version 67.0.3396.99 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Firefox 61.0

## Steps to reproduce -

  1. Open Spy Web
  2. Open Browser (tried Chrome and FF)
  3. Navigate to login URL
    Note: At this point Spy Web appears to be functioning properly
  4. Enter Username and Password
  5. Select Login
    Note: Login process throws a JS alert (OK/Cancel)

Actual Behavior: When JS alert is thrown, the spy web browser session closes.

Expected Behavior: Spy Web browser should remain open and function properly on the JS alert window



Thanks for your information. We’ve checked this and see this issue also happens in 5.4.2 version, are you sure it does occur on 5.5 version only?


Hi there,

Upon double checking again, actually the browser is closed when that JS alert is closed, so Katalon Studio will record this as ‘Close Browser’ step

Hi there,

I’m also getting same the problem on my side with same Katalon and Chrome version.
This problem is only happening on katalon 5.5, and it never happened when I was using version 5.4.2.

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Hi there,
I also encounter same issue in 5.5 version. Issue encounter when do spy web and record web, the browser is closed automatic after the JS alert is closed. Any solution with this one?

Steps is
1. Open browser then will prompt JS alert.
2. Issue: Browser is auto closed and record the steps as closed browser.
No issue encounter using the last version.