Katalon freezes during WebUI.closeBrowser()

In some of our page, when we try the close the browser a pop-up will appear ()Obviously, we want to keep that feature, but because of it, when we try to close the browser, the pop-up will appear and Katalon will be stuck in the WebUI.closeBrowser() step forever or until someone accept the alert

Here is a screenshot of the Katalon logViewer :
Katalon stays frozen like this until someone accepts the pop-up.

The tricky part is that the pop-up will not appear until we close the browser so it stops the WebUI.closeBrowser() step, is there a way to specify to always accept alert when exiting the browser, or maybe is there a way that will force quit the browser.

To specify: this issue is only present on Firefox and Edge, chrome is working fine.



Here using WebUI.closeWindowIndex(index``) worked as a workaround.

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