Spy/record Mobile is not viewing objects correctly/accurately in Device View for iPhone

We have been using Katalon for sometime now. Typically when we test for IOS we use the spy or some use the recorder. We have never came accrossed the following issue:

We can see the home screen and other screens on the device for our app. Also after selecting the captured objects as normal we see what we think are all the XCUI Elements as there typically populate as expected.

The issue were facing is when we click on lets say and object box to enter or “set the text” or when we select these boxes or elements even such as the login button we can not accurately get the element to select the proper area accurately. Its almost like its not seeing all of the elements on each page. We have used wormhole and Vysor as a mirroring option as well…

I also have seen some topics close to this, but I have not seen or read any specific resolution to this problem and wondering if anyone else has seen this and may have a possible solution so we can select the captured elements accurately so we can build out IOS automations as needed?

Hi @QATeam,

I think if your app is IOS native (written in Object-C or Swift), Appium can capture most of elements.

Please help to share some screeshot of that screen, Mobile Recorder or the page source of screen at that time.