[iOS][Mobile Record/Spy] Recording Mobile View is not accurate when element is clicked

Hello Katalon Developers,

After trying out mobile recording and object spy on Android, I ventured out to test the same mobile recording features for iOS.

Here are my specs:
OS: MacOS Ventura 13.5.1
XCode: 14.3.1 (14E300c)

Katalon Studio Ver: 8.5.4 beta2 (PoC)

Appium: v2.1.3

Node: v20.5.1

Tested on:
Simulator: iPhone 14 Pro Max – iOS 6.4

Real Device: iPhone X – iOS 16.6.1


The preview is displaying incorrectly – when I click on the elements from the preview, it clicks on another element at All Objects.

I used the Katalon test app (Mexican Coffee Timer) as an example – I clicked on Mexican Coffee but at All Objects, it showed that I clicked on Oolong Tea.

When I clicked on the screen at Device View, it actually gave the outline of the app in comparison to the preview – as you can see, it is much smaller than currently shown.

This is just for the sample app given. On the apps we have, the list is much longer thus making it tedious to scroll at All Objects just to find the actual element. We would like it if we can just click on the Device View to record / spy the element.

I have seen a few articles in the forum of others asking of the same issue but have yet to see any solution.

Links to other articles:

Any new help or solution is much appreciated.


no, you can’t able to spy the element only using the Device view. since the elements are not visible in the device view.

it may be possible if you and the developer cooperate with each other and define unique identifiers in the application. but this will only work for small scale test applications it won’t work on applications which are developed for actual use.

Hi @artiesl ,

Thank you for reporting the issue :raised_hands:. We are already aware of this issue and have a fix for it in the current latest KS version 9.0.0. But the POC for Appium 2 (8.5.4-beta) was not included in that version.

So, to overcome the highlighting issue, you can try KS 9.0.0 with Appium 1 support. Or wait till the next 9.1.0 release (November 29), which supports Appium 2.

In case you still want both the highlighting fix and Appium 2, here is a custom build that supports both Appium 2 and includes the highlighting fix :v:.


Note that you will also need to run this command before starting the custom KS build (if you change the application name or path, please update the new path in the below command too):

xattr -cr /Applications/Katalon\ Studio.app

Yes, that seems to the current problem.
We might try the solutions suggested by Katalon Team.

Thank you for the quick response.
I will discuss and try out the suggested solutions with our developers first.

Your help is much appreciated :raised_hands:

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