Unable to click on any element on the iOS app screen, instead Katalon selects the entire screen

I am unable to click on any element on an iOS app screen. Instead Katalon selects/captures entire screen and wont provide any object-list in ‘All Objects’. In the below screenshot, you can see that the email or password fields are not present in the ‘All Objects’ list. I am not even able to select email/password field to capture the objects. Thanks so much!

Hi @ini,

You need to press Capture Object button to synchronize the All Objects with your real device screen.


Hi @duyluong Thanks so much for responding. even after I click on Capture Objects it repeats the same thing. it selects the entire screen instead of elements. When a keyboard pops up, Katalon recognizes that but not the email and password field. is this something related to how we build the app from Xcode?

Even I am facing this issue. Do we have any way where we can enable instrument feature available in Appium Studio

Were facing this same issue I know this was a long time ago but did you ever find a solution at all for IOS to this specific problem? I would appreciate and ideas or resolution.

Hi QATeam,

As I understand, you are trying to capture elements but instead, Katalon Studio just gets the whole screen?
Could you provide a video record on this issue, I haven’t been able to reproduce it.