Speedup or slow down option in playback

Hi, Can we able to slowdown / speedup the script execution? Example: Let us consider that our script consist of 50 steps. Total Execution time of the script = 120 Seconds. I have to test my system under different network speed condition. Question …

in Is there a way in Katalon to wait() for a certain number of seconds ?

It’s already implemented. Please take a look at this page: http://docs.katalon.com/display/KD/Execution+Settings. The option you want to look for is ‘Delay between actions’ item

I was also facing this issue. I found that a variable waiting time is more efficient to handle various network speeds.

waitForElementPresent(TestObject to, int waitTime)
waitForElementVisible(TestObject to, int waitTime)
waitForElementClickable(TestObject to, int waitTime)

I’m really looking forward to the new Smart Wait feature which will be built-in to KS in the upcoming v7 release soon. This feature should solve this problem with ease.