Katalon wait too long

This is what 's inside my script :

s1 = System.currentTimeMillis()
res1 = WebUI.waitForElementPresent(findTestObject(“stop_upload/div_100Error”) , 1 , FailureHandling.OPTIONAL)
e1 = System.currentTimeMillis()
w1 = (e1 - s1)/1000
println("wait for res1 = " + w1)

what I expect is that if the object “stop_upload/div_100Error” is not present within 1 sec, Then katalon
will continue to the next code row in the test script.
in other words I expect w1 =~ 1
The actual result is :
wait for res1 = 62
Now, it does not matter which function (visible , present , verify , wait and all combinations) I cannot get Katalon to wait exactly 1 sec.?
project > setting > execution > Default wait for element time out = 1 sec
Thanks a lot

What is smart wait set to? Maybe try disabling it?