Source repository is showing as empty from Katalon


When am trying to integrate git from katalon, am getting the below message as source git repository is empty, but actually is not empty.

Did you follow this?

Am not using eclipse am just using the katalon studio to run my test.

Yes but that site he linked shows you how to do the first time setup which includes clone your project down. Katalon as I understand it is actually built on eclipse.

It’s just an IDE and the git solution should work for both.

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Up on this, i am encountering the error of “Source git repository empty”.

I do not use and i do not have eclipse application, i only have katalon studio tool. I already tried doing the

"If you cannot access the repository after clicking Next button, the connection may have issues with SSL verification. You can use below command to bypass SSL verification (NOT recommended):

git config --global http.sslVerify false"


use your git bash (cmd)
here are lot of usable commands