Source Git repository is empty

please, help me with the question:

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Hello , same probleme using gitlab in my own repo.

please someone can help us ?

hi @Chandrasekaran Ganapathy
I had the same issue and what I did is access to the repository (for example: and add a file in there. so in that way the repository wont be empty and now it will appear when I try to clone it in katalon.

Hello, can anyone help us encountering the “source git repository is empty” or provide a detailed steps on how to clone a project without encoutering the said issue.

are you sure your repository have the structure of a valid katalon project? if you attempt to store the project in a subfolder in the repo, will be seen as invalid / empty by the katalon git integration feature

what do you mean invalid? i follow exactly the katalon video guides in youtube, can you please elaborate what are you saying? do you have the solution to our issues?