GitLab integration

Hi. I am trying to integrate my project with Gitlab
So I already create a public Gitlab repository here
I am trying to use Katalon documentation and my steps:
From Katalon desktop application:
Git->CloneProject-> URL =
Username, password = my authentical data.

But unfortunately Katlon told me that “Source Git repository is empty”

What am I doing wrong?

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According to this:

maybe it is a firewall issue?

Happened to me, too:

Mate Mrse said:

According to this:

maybe it is a firewall issue?

I just tried to connect without corporate proxy and everything goes well
So seems that this is the problem of Git configuration

I resolved my issue. In the end, searching through the logs, I found this message:

“!MESSAGE Warning: The environment variable HOME is not set. The following directory will be used to store the Git user global configuration and to define the default location to store repositories:…”

So I followed this Stackoverflow post to set the HOME: