SOAP Request

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Hello, can you help me? I am working on soap calls using katalon, i cant seem to make a successful call, it says "com.kms.katalon.core.webservice.exception.WebServiceException: javax.wsdl.WSDLException: WSDLException (at /wsdl:definitions/wsdl:types/xs:schema[2]): faultCode=OTHER_ERROR: An error occurred trying to resolve schema referenced at ‘dc8e07f2-7916-11e8-b2c8-cdeeaf50761b?xsd=xsd0’.: This file was not found: " looks like i cant access the schema or xsd location but it works fine with soap ui.

without proxy: REST is working and SOAP is encountering the error i reported,
with proxy: both REST and soap are encountering 502 error
what else are the possible issues im encountering with SOAP when i send request? can you list all down the possible issues?