Setup datadriven integration with google sheets

All, I have created an integration via oauth with google sheets in a custom key function.Underneeth you will have the code.


  1. Download and append the the custom function Readspreadsheet.txt (6.2 KB)

  2. You need to download the jar files and and them as external libs: developers google com /api-client-library/java/apis/sheets/v4

  3. You need to setup client_secret.json oauth (follow this tutorial


Thank you so much for sharing.

Great Job man. It worked

I’m new here.
can please explain this how can i integrate google sheet with my katalon?
I integrate google sheet with selenium but don’t have any idea for katalon.

please explain

@prashant.b simply … you can’t do it directly. katalon does support only csv, excel, internal data (xml) and db as data providers for data driven testing.
but you can make a feature request in this matter or find a way to export automatically your g-sheet (hint: take a look at gscripts)
or use the selenium approach … in the end katalon is just java

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@Ibus Thank you.

You can do the same as in java eclipse, .net. you need to understand the google apis. from there you just make some custom functions

In the mean time I have made a whole framework with custom functions specific for my customer in which I generate functional reports including blob screenshots automatically in google docs. (product test documentation).

Maybe if i have the time I will create a plugin out of it so you leverage on those functions or give me some ids to improve my framework

yes @Ralph_van_der_HOrst

I read some google-sheet API docs and I find my way to integrate google-sheet with my katalon studio.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Check this one for solution