API/method to Get the test data with sheet name from Excel

Hi Team,
Firstly I must tell the test data feature is good in Katalon. We have a scenario where our test data is in excel, with different data worksheet for each functionality. I am using GetallData() but I noticed it will read only the active sheet that is provided in Test Data file of katalon. It would be good to have GetAllData(sheetName) as a property. This way we can avoid making separate data file for each sheet.

My Reference:

  1. ExcelData (Katalon Studio API Specification)
  2. https://docs.katalon.com/display/KD/Manage+Test+Data#ManageTestData-CreateaCSVTestData

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A similar topic of feature suggestion:

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Yes I have given an upvote for the recommendation too :slight_smile:

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