SetText and click takes a lot of time

I’m using WebUiBuiltInKeywords setText and click which takes 4-5 sec and 2.5 sec respectively. I’m wondering why it takes that much time.

Is Smart Wait enabled?


@Russ_Thomas, Yes, smart wait is enabled.

Does the problem persist if you disable it?

Hey @Russ_Thomas, i’m using katalon version 7.7.2. With this version after disabling smart wait, it’s not able to set text as it’s giving XPath not found error. But with smart wait enabled, it works fine and takes a lot of time. Does it generally takes that much time?

I never use it myself but there is another way to use smart wait…

Hi, @Russ_Thomas
I have used smart wait function as well, but it still takes the same time. I have attached the screenshot with the time taken by setText and click methods.