set up katalium server on siteground?

once one has created a script how does one pass it off to others to run it? well i see that katalium server seems to do it ( are there other ways?). But suppose i want to run the script on a hosting company like ( is there another way or host or specific place to put your scripts?). Does one contact the hosting company to install it? Has anyone done this? How do peeps hand off their scripts?

Hi @ed1

Do you mean Katalon tests ? To execute Katalon tests you’d need a Katalon Runtime Engine (with an active KRE license). KRE provides console execution capability. It’s essentially just a program that runs on a computer. Usually people run the Katalon tests as part of their build process, which happens through a dedicated server (or machine). More information about KRE is available:

Is that what you’re looking for ?